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Marjacq Micro Ltd was formed in 1984 by industry legend Jacqui Lyons. It was the first agency to represent game developers. In those early days, the client base included the remarkable development talents of David Braben, Foo Katan, Jez San and Chris Sawyer.

After running the Agency for 25 years, Jacqui has now handed the reins over to Julie Man. Marjacq Man Ltd has been born.

We still remain in a unique position today, as a gatekeeper of international development talent recognised worldwide. We have clients based in the UK, USA, Canada, India, Japan and Australia.

Marjacq Man represents developers of computer and video games for all platforms. With long-established contacts with worldwide publishers and distributors, Marjacq Man not only offers its clients a results-based sales service, but also helps structure development proposals and negotiates, supports and manages contracts throughout the development process and beyond.

With the digital age and emerging social media platforms, Marjacq Man offers a unique proposition of working closely with developers and brands to bring innovative, creative and engaging application

We also represent licensors in digital media and have in the past had the privilege of working with Aardman Animation.

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