A new developer with old roots, Attractive Games is born from Coyote Developments’ ten-year long run 

Re-branding to Attractive was essential to move from being known for ports and rescues to forge ahead as a developer of full products for casual and family products, starting on Wii and DS, now moving to 360 and PS3.

Building upon the successful teams and technologies developed by Coyote over its ten-years, Attractive aims to make beautiful, innovative games that bring people together to play games, explore, discover, and compete with one another.  Beautiful + Draw people together = Attractive.

Starting with 30 of its best staff in new offices of over 4000 Sq Ft and a handful of new contracts, Attractive has been creating new IP for full development projects, focusing on its brand values: Create, Nurture, Reward and Community.  These 4 cornerstones of design, innovation of art style, and providing fun that is not bound to any particular age group are essential to an Attractive product.  The sales team is already taking another Attractive IP to market, whilst the work forces internally and externally continue to deliver on time. 

Attractive started with the excellent reputation forged by Coyote Developments, known for its ports (Vietcong Xbox/PS2), engines (I-Ninja/Bionicles GC), and outsourcing (Reservoir Dogs and Jade Empire levels, Motorstorm vehicles), moving to full development at the end under the Coyote Console label (Bratz: Forever Diamonds PS2/GC). 

As Attractive establishes its own roots and the label gets known for its brand values and quality products, the company looks to grow the studio to fill the office, as well as continuing to forge relationships and alliances with external teams capable of delivering quality products on time. 

Moving forward, they are now adding 360 and PS3 to the technology base.  So Attractive are recruiting a few good coders and talented creative people to add to their current in house entourage.

Attractive are also continuing to invest in their current trusted teams in Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Brazil, and Norwich, UK.  This year will see the release of several products that are being managed and creatively driven internally but being produced completely out of house.  They are going out under the separate label, Out House Games.

Recent titles include:

Driver 5 (360/PS3/Wii/PC) Art/Design Outsource     Ubisoft Reflections
Hugo: Magic in Trollwoods (Wii, PS2, PC, DS)          Krea Medie
Pizza Delivery Boy (Wii)                                          Majesco
Agent Hugo: Hula Holiday (Wii, PS2, PC)                 NDS               
Championship Pony (DS)                                         Zoo Games     
Mary King’s Riding School (DS)                                Ghostlight      
Wonder World (Wii)                                                Majesco/Eidos


Projects outsourced to one of our offsite teams

Flunkerne: Superskurke (DS)                                   Krea Medie    
Flunkerne: Pa Manen (DS)                                       Krea Medie    
Pixeline: Magi i Pixieland (DS)                                Krea Medie    
Allied Ace Pilots (DS)                                             Ghostlight