Citrus Suite

Citrus Suite develops apps, software, games and produces 3D digital artwork and works on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Console and IPTV platforms (YouView, Google TV, Apple TV, etc.).

Chris Morland (Development Director) founded Citrus in 2008 with Paul McNally (Director of Technology) and Steve Donovan (Art Director) joining as directors in 2010. Also trading as 3D Creation Studio the Citrus Suite directors have collaborated or produced graphical content for leading game development publishers Sony, Disney, Microsoft to Electronic Arts, Sega, Codemasters and others. On the game development side the company’s main players have won awards and been nominated for games industry BAFTAs and Sony innovation awards prior to founding Citrus Suite.

Chris, Paul and Steve have been working in the sector since the Nineties and have more than 35 years combined experience. The firm is already making waves, having won creative pitches at events such as Sony’s Get in the Game and Liverpool Sound City. Citrus has also secured a contract to develop content for 'YouView’ in conjunction with the BBC and won funding from the Technology Strategy Board to continue prototyping on IPTV platforms.

The core team is supplemented by additional staff comprising over ten game professionals including programmers, artists and designers and is equipped to handle small to medium budget development projects.


Citrus Suite’s 2011:

Citrus Suite’s recent projects:


Citrus Suite’s creative team has received industry recognition for several projects.


Citrus Suite’s core team has worked across all major gaming platforms including PS3, XBOX360, PC and Wii. A select list of titles on which they have worked includes the following: