puzzle.tv has built up a seven-year history of expertise second-to-none in providing high-quality word and number puzzles in game formats for a variety of platforms.

The company, a sister to Supersonic Software, pioneered the first word puzzle game approved for use on Sony’s consoles (PS2 and PSP) called Puzzle Challenges and More.  This was quickly followed up with hugely successful sudoku products, including top-selling Infinite Sudoku and Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku.

Having quickly established a high reputation in the fast-growing casual games market, puzzle.tv has in 2008 made further inroads into the ‘edutainment’ sector with a spelling game for Nintendo DS and PlayStation PSP published in the USA and in Europe.

puzzle.tv has good working relationships with localization companies to provide quality content across Europe and beyond.  Our new spelling games work in 6 languages:  English, American/English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.  Our sudoku products were published additionally in Holland, Russia, Singapore and Australia. For our all our products, we have successfully researched and tailored content to suit the slightly different needs of American puzzlers.

puzzle.tv is unusual – probably unique - in being a games developer which is trusted to supply puzzles to a number of respected nationally-distributed print publications.

With the inclusion on its staff of a specialist editorial team, and the richness of its extensive databases of puzzles and words, puzzle.tv is perfectly poised to go forward to meet the growing public demand for casual gaming which offers fun and self-improvement simultaneously.


PC and Video Games:
We develop on all major gaming platforms including Nintendo DS and WII, PlayStation2, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Xbox 360, and PC (boxed product and online product).   Recent products include Spelling Challenges and More published successfully in the US with Crave Games in early 2008, and in Europe with 505 under the name Spellbound (September 2008).
We also developed the highly regarded Infinite Sudoku series with UK company Focus Multimedia, and Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku with Empire Interactive.  For US publisher Crave we developed the first word puzzle game approved for use on Sony’s consoles (PS2 and PSP), and with Global Star a Game Boy Advance Sudoku themed product.

Our Ultimate Puzzle Games, a Telegames GBA product, was runner-up in the IGN Game of the Year competition in the Puzzle Games category.


Print Media:

We regularly provide puzzles and competitions to newspapers and magazines, including national publications The Week, The Oldie, The Universe and The Catholic Herald, as well as to regional newspapers and specialist magazines.  One of our regular customers is based in Shanghai.

We provided the puzzles for the BBC book, Sudo-Q, and a book/cd-rom tie-in with Focus Multimedia.


Internet and TV:

Our own interactive website, www.puzzle.tv, offers daily-changing puzzles and regular prize competitions.
We have also provided content for client websites and worked on interactive puzzles with Sky Television.


Technology and Editorial Process

Using innovative software technology to assemble puzzles electronically from extensive databases of categorised words and clues (all written by highly-experienced staff), we are able to produce a variety of products to suit individual client’s needs.  We also have large databases of spelling words, and trivia questions. Our in-house editorial team operates a rigorous quality control system.


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