Supersonic - Our story so far

We've been producing successful video games to the highest standards for over 21 years. We've written for just about every platform in that time (360, PS3, Wii, PSP, DS, Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC, PlayStation, GBA, Sega Megadrive/Genesis, Amiga, NES, Sega Master System, Sega GameGear, Spectrum, Amstrad CPC). We have a particular specialization in fast paced, family friendly arcade racing games.

Our most recent titles and some related comments are listed below:

Other titles include

Wrecked (PS3, 360) to be released Q3 2011
Micro Machines V4     (PS2, PSP, PC, DS Codemasters) June 2006
Review comments pending.
Mashed Fully Loaded (PS2, Xbox, PC, Empire Interactive) March 2005
UK Number 1 selling Xbox budget title (Charttrack, week-ending 2nd April 2005)
Drive to Survive (PS2, Xbox, PC, VUG) Spring 2006
Mashed (PS2, Xbox, PC, Empire Interactive) June 2004
‘We just can’t stop playing it.  All day. Every day. Can’t get it out of our heads’ 9/10 PlayStation 2 Official Magazine.  Nominated for ‘Best new Console IP’ Develop Awards 2004.
Antz Extreme Racing   (PlayStation2/Xbox/PC, Empire Interactive) July 2002 (Europe & US)

(PlayStation /PC, Hasbro Interactive) October 2000 (Europe & US)


(PlayStation /PC, Hasbro Interactive) October 1999 (Europe & US)
One of our greatest challenges: simple game-play with the depth and technological excellence.   ‘Game of the Year’ - CTW Magazine

Circuit Breakers

(PlayStation, Mindscape) July/September 1998 (Europe & US)
‘The most 3 dimensional racing game ever - a true roller coaster ride!  The Game of Champions’ 9/10 UK Official PlayStation Magazine

Supersonic Racers (PAL) / Dare Devil Derby (US)

(PlayStation, Mindscape) November 1996 (Europe & US)
Mindscape's largest ever ship-out for a European product ‘Bloody marvelous - 92%’ Play+ Magazine.   9/10 Daily Star

Micro Machines Military

(Sega Megadrive, Codemasters) October 1996 (Europe)
One of the last games published for use with the Sega Megadrive In top 5 of Christmas Sega Megadrive sales chart ‘Excellent - 92%’ Mean Machines Sega Magazine

Micro Machines '96 

(Sega Megadrive, Codemasters) October 1995 (Europe)
Sequel to Micro Machines 2.   ‘You couldn't wish for a more original & enjoyable game - 90%’ CVG ‘A racing classic - 92%’ GamesMaster Magazine

Micro Machines 2 

(Sega Megadrive, PC, Codemasters) November 1994 (Europe)
Review scores unanimously over 90% and quotes such as ‘the most playable racing game in the world’ (GamesMaster Magazine) helped the game into the top 3 selling Megadrive games of the year.   The only game ever to receive a 100% score for game-play in GamesMaster Magazine.
 ‘There is no more enjoyable game - 96%’ PC Attack Magazine
(Highest ever review score ever in this magazine)

Supersonic - Now

We compete with the biggest and best developers in the world. The critical and commercial success of our titles proves this. We never embark on a project unless we believe it has the potential to be a critical and commercial success and we have the ability to achieve this.

Our team is deliberately small; most members are highly experienced, and have been with the company for well over five years. As a compact team each member is highly valued and all are deeply involved in the development process. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to deliver a quality product on time.

With over thirty titles and twenty one years of profitable business behind us we have the experience and financial stability to remain at the forefront of video games development.

Our current projects are being developed for mainstream consoles (Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS) and social and mobile platforms (iOS, Facebook, Android, Amazon Kindle).

Supersonic - Summary

Our key strengths are:

- Long term stability, we've been around, we know what we're doing.

- Reliability - we have an unblemished record of delivering on our promises.

- Multi-player game-play - we specialize in producing games that are ‘social events’. We believe that the more people crowding round a game the more likely they are to enjoy themselves.

- Driving games - we've developed nine driving games in the last 8 years, all of which have been critically well received.

- Highly experienced - we've adapted to many new technologies over the past decade and with our depth of experience and knowledge are well placed to exploit the latest technology generation.

Social and Mobile Platforms

MMO Quiz

We’re developing a massive multiplayer online quiz for the Facebook platform. The quiz is based around events. The events are timetabled so that everyone does the quiz at the same time. Quiz events can be themed and sponsored. Prizes can be won.

The quiz itself is written in Javascript and is generated on the fly by the server. It is fully integrated with the Facebook login system and can be played both within Facebook and from a standalone website.

The quiz database contains nearly 10,000 hand written questions. All fully categorized for amongst other things difficulty, locality and genre. All the data is stored on a MySQL database. The database stores results and is obviously used to work out who won the quiz. It can generate a myriad of stats. A simple example would be to show players how they did amongst their Facebook friends. All the server side code is written in PHP.


We’re developing a Spelling Game application for iOS, Android and Kindle platforms. Using our proprietary spelling database, consisting of thousands of vocalized words, fully categorized for difficulty, we present an entertaining and educational game for a casual audience.

These applications will build on the success of our series of DS spelling products.

Driving Projects

We’re at the early stages of developing projects based on our driving games heritage.