Torus is a high-end, multi-platform console development studio that delivers high-quality, innovative video games, for the world’s most prestigious publishers.  Torus understands what it takes to build engaging and entertaining video games. 

Their strengths include:

Some of their recent titles include:

Knowledge and experience are vital in any industry.  Torus has over 15 years of cross-platform expertise to draw from.   This is evidenced in the handling of licenses and in their games, which are built upon a thorough understanding of established design principles.

Their commitment to quality is matched only by an unwavering focus on innovation and most importantly, fun.  And 15 years on, the same passion and dedication drives the Torus team towards the future.

To make great video games, you need the right technology.  Torus technology group is dedicated to the creation of a comprehensive content creation pipeline that empowers their teams with the ability to rapidly create content and constantly refine and balance gameplay to achieve the vision driving each and every game.

Torus is an approved developer by major hardware manufacturers including Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Leapfrog and Nokia.

At Torus, they have worked hard for many years to build a professional studio that prides itself on working to the highest principles, to provide reliable, easy to work with, capable and cost-effective game development solution.